A written homework assignment on outlining

Link to Valvano speech

Reaction paper: Jim Valvano’s ESPY speech

Read and/or view basketball coach Jim Valvano’s 11-minute ESPN award acceptance address at http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/jimvalvanoespyaward.htm. Prepare a brief outline of the speech. Make sure to identify the attention-getter, clincher, and main points. What speech pattern does this speech generally follow? Identify two lines in the speech that you do not believe were planned in advance but arose spontaneously during the speech. How did lines like these affect the speech? What part of the speech did you find most compelling? Why?

I’ve found that many students enjoy this speech and can relate to it. I have this assignment as part of a series of ten short reaction papers on class topics. The students do not have to do every paper, but can select which papers to do. The papers have different deadlines and are not accepted after that paper’s deadline has passed.


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