Video for audience adaptation

Video for audience adaptation

The Simpsons: Season 5, episode 4

In this episode there is a scene where Homer performs a comedy routine intended to roast his boss, Mr. Burns. The routine is doomed in several ways due to poor material, Mr. Burns’ bad mood, a reluctant audience, and an announcement right before the routine about a puppy being killed in the parking lot. Needless to say, it goes badly.  This clip suggests several follow-up questions:

  • What goes wrong?
  • What are some things that Homer could have anticipated and done a better job to prepare for?
  • What are some things he could not anticipate? What could he have done about those?
  • What are some thins speakers should do to get the information they need before giving their presentation?

Note: This clip does have some cartoon “nudity” at the end. I do warn students about this prior to this class and ask them to let me know if they would find it offensive. I have prepared a more closely edited version of the clip as well.


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