Videoclip for delivery

The Simpsons: Season 2, episode 2

In this episode, there is a brief clip where Homer is visiting a doctor about getting a hair-growth medication. When the doctor gives the price, Homer responds with “Forget you pal, thanks for nothing.” Right after that we see Homer telling his friends about the incident and repeating “Forget you pal, thanks for nothing!” Although the words are the same, the telling is very different. This is a great clip to illustrate why the voice is so important in speaking and how the voice loses these natural meaning cues when a speech is memorized or read.

I have also used this great clip to illustrate speech acts (whining versus bragging) and to teach the basics of transcription.


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I believe public speaking can go from most dreaded class to favorite class. I'm a former public speaking college instructor who spent years seeking out activities, assignments and examples to make the class interactive as well as educational -- they are collected here. I welcome suggestions for additions.

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