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The Simpsons: Season 2, episode 13

The Simpsons: Season 2, episode 13

The end of this episode features a scene where Homer decides to cut the illegal cable hookup. It is an excellent example of the idea of cognitive dissonance as it relates to persuasion. Homer had been arguing that he was not stealing the cable, but a series of incidents brings to his mind that he is doing exactly that. There are several follow-up questions:

  • What type of emotions is Homer experiencing here?
  • Why was Homer angry at Lisa?
  • What are some things that lead Homer to change his mind?
  • What is the final thing he experiences before making the decision to cut the cable?
  • When people are shown that their behaviors are not in line with their values, they are more likely to change their behavior because values are harder to change. How can a persuasive speaker use this information?

Photo courtesy Simpsons Wiki


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