Video for supporting materials

Video for supporting materials

The Simpsons: Season 4, episode 12

This episode has a clip with a town meeting to discuss how to spend a large amount of money. The meeting is hijacked by a figure named Lyle Lanley, who promises the town a boon with a new monorail. In this parody of “The Music Man” it is apparent to all except the Springfield residents that he is a con artist. There are several follow-up questions for the students:

  • What are some of the warning signs that show us he is not trustworthy?
  • Is he backing up any of the claims he is making about the monorail?
  • What types of questions should the audience be asking before giving him the money?
  • What do you think happens?

It is a nice lead-in to discussing the importance of having good supporting materials to back up claims when speaking.

Photo courtesy Simpsons Wiki.


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