A written assignment for group or interpersonal communication

This assignment about norms could work well for group or interpersonal communication. This is often a popular one with students. It may be a little harder to do at a small college, but works well in a mid-sized school.

Sometime during the final month of the semester, attend a class that you are not enrolled in this semester. (One way to do this would be to attend a class with a friend.  Your friend may want to get prior permission from the instructor.)  Identify what class you attended, what date and what time the class met. Did you feel like an outsider during the class?  Did the class communicate or behave in ways that you could not understand? Name three of the group’s unstated rules or traditions (norms) that you observed during the class. Name at least one norm that was not helpful to the group’s goals (discouraged participation in class, etc.) If the leader (the professor) wanted to change the unproductive group norm, how do you think they should go about doing it? Do you think all classes develop unique characteristics?  Why or why not?


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I believe public speaking can go from most dreaded class to favorite class. I'm a former public speaking college instructor who spent years seeking out activities, assignments and examples to make the class interactive as well as educational -- they are collected here. I welcome suggestions for additions.

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