Web resources for group persuasive assignment

These are the materials that I provide to students when planning their group proposal presentation on how to improve the university:

A handout on topics

Pre-approved topics:

  • The university collects approximately $100,000 a year in a student green fee, designed to help the university invest in more environmentally friendly products. Your group can make recommendations about how the money collected this year should be spent next year.
  • The university is currently looking for ways to save money in light of expected budget shortfalls.  Your group can make recommendations about what the campus can do to save money without harming the quality of education on campus.

  • Say that the university’s athletic department has decided to donate $1,000 to hold an annual fund-raiser on campus with the proceeds going to charity. Your group can research and make recommendations about which charity should receive the money and what kind of fund-raiser they should have.
  • Say that the university has received a one-time grant to add entertainment options on campus with a goal of encouraging more students to stay on campus over the weekend. Your group can determine the size of the grant and make recommendations about how the money should be spent.
  • Say that the university has decided to redecorate either all of the dorm rooms or classrooms on campus. Your group can make recommendations about the basic decorating choices. To keep this simple, set a budget per room and restrict your recommendations to a few basic categories such as wall color, flooring material, and types of furniture provided in each room.
  • Say that the university has been given a grant to upgrade security features on campus. As a group, agree on the size of the grant and have each group member make recommendations about how to best spend the money. It will be important to try to focus on one aspect of security only.
  • Say that the university has decided to add one brand new class to the core curriculum (classes everyone must take to graduate). Your group will make a recommendation on what that new class will be, what it will cover and why it is important.
  • Say that the university has allocated money to add or improve their fleet — vehicles that can be rented out to student groups at a low cost. Your group can set a budget for the expenditure and recommend what types of vehicles should be purchased.

New topics:

In addition, your group can design your own topic for the proposal presentation provided the topic meets the following criteria:

  • It is directly connected to the university.
  • It is a “realistic” scenario that could be faced by the university.
  • It is focused on just one aspect of a complex topic.
  • It will be possible to research.
  • It will be possible for six people to propose different realistic solutions.
  • It is not about improving parking.

If your group chooses to design its own topic, the proposed topic must be submitted in writing to the instructor by ______________ for approval, approval with conditions, or rejection. If the topic is rejected, the group will have to choose one of the topics listed above.

Group speech template (MS Word)


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