A note on ordering speeches

A note on setting the speaking order

There are many ways to set the order for your speeches. Some teachers assign a day and let students sign up for the speaking order as they come in that day. Others allow students to sign up for the day as well as the order. This random number system worked effectively for me.

Each student is assigned a number in the gradebook and that number determines the speaking order. Once you’ve assigned each one a number, you can link the name to the number (see chart below) and then divide them into the number of days you have available.

The advantage to this system is that it is set up so a student will be toward the front of the group once, toward the middle of the group once and toward the end of the group once. That makes it as fair as possible.

This system works with three speeches and up to 32 students.

A note on ordering speeches

Thank you to Dr. Calvin Troupe for recommending the system.



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