Videoclip for ceremonial speaking

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Simpsons: Season 4, episode 19

Toward the end of this episode is a clip where Abraham Simpson, Homer’s father, is invited to an award ceremony because they believe he wrote an episode of the “Itchy and Scratchy” cartoon. In fact, the kids wrote it but used their grandfather’s name and Abraham had never even seen the show. During the ceremony, a clip of the show is aired and grandpa is horrified. Instead of being thankful when he wins the award, he calls out those in the audience for the horrible work they do.

It is a nice clip to show that expectations play a large role in ceremonial speaking. It is expected that winners will be grateful and express their gratitude appropriately. Violating the audience’s expectations, especially in a ceremonial speech, is to take a big risk.

Photo courtesy of Simpsons Wiki.


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