Video and in-class activity for interpersonal communication

Link to video online

I Love Lucy: Season 2, Episode 4

The “Job Switching” episode of “I Love Lucy” is a classic. I did not have the time available in my public speaking classes to use this, but I did use it in interpersonal communication classes.

On the day set aside to review for the final exam, I would air the entire episode for the students. I would then break the students into groups and assign each group a topic from the course: gender communication, facework, nonverbal communication, etc. Each group then worked to find things from the episode that applied to something we had learned with that topic.

Each group would do a brief report at the end of class to review what we had learned in class on that topic and use examples from the video.

Bonus: The entire episode is currently available for free from CBS at the link above.


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