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The Simpsons: Season 6, episode 12

This is another rich episode for interpersonal communication. When I had time, I would show the entire episode to the students and use it to launch a discussion of the topics covered in the reading.

Homer exploits a technicality to get into a secret society called the Stonecutters. After violating several group rules during his first meeting, the group works to expel him but a birthmark Homer has marks him as the “chosen one.” Rather than leaving the group, Homer begins to lead it.

There is a lot here about changing roles in interpersonal communication. We not only have the members of the Stonecutters treating Homer differently, but Homer develops different expectations about how his family should treat him and it begins to affect them as well. There are several scenes in the episode that could be selected to highlight role competence and problems with leadership.

Photo courtesy of Simpsons Wiki.

Note: Add a comment telling us about any other examples from TV, books or movies of characters finding themselves in uncomfortable new roles. The horse racing scene in “My Fair Lady” comes to mind…


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