Video for interpersonal communication or persuasion

Video for interpersonal comm, storytelling or persuasion

Everybody Loves Raymond: Season 4, episode 75

This clip from Everybody Loves Raymond does a great job of illustrating the idea of reframing. It relates to interpersonal communication, especially related to conflict, and to persuasion and storytelling in public speaking.

Married couple Ray and Debra share different perspectives on the same series of events after Debra replaces their old can opener with a new one that claims to have more features. Although the basic facts are the same, their versions are very different.

In interpersonal communication, speakers often reframe or change punctuation in stories to favor themselves. In public speaking, speakers often tell stories to emphasize particular points they want to make, especially when seeking persuasive goals.

Notes: This (admittedly grainy) video of the 6-minute segment is currently available for free at YouTube — there may be other versions online as well. There is potentially offensive language at the end of the clip, but the clip can be stopped beforehand without losing any of the example.

Can think of other examples of movies or TV shows that feature this reframing technique?


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