Speech assignment on interpersonal comm

I had a hybrid class with a mix of public speaking and interpersonal communication. The public speaking part of the class ended with a group presentation worth 20% of the final grade. On occasion, a student would have a legitimate excuse for missing their group’s presentation (such as a car accident on the way to class). In those instances, I would offer this makeup assignment.

This assignment still required a class presentation but also helped to offer a student’s perspective to the class during the interpersonal comm unit, which I placed at the end of the semester.

Makeup Assignment

Here are the specifications for the replacement assignment for the group proposal presentation. The assignment will be on the topic of “facework” by Erving Goffman. The assignment will have two parts, the class survey and report, and the bibliography and presentation:

The Class Survey and Report
Requirements: A class survey and report will act as the group component of the assignment and be worth 40 points.

o The survey: You will prepare a 7-8 question survey to give to the class. The survey should be on the topic of “facework” and be designed to get information to help you anticipate the audience’s reaction to the subject, what opinions they have about the subject, and possibly to have the audience help you generate examples for your presentation. The survey should follow the example from the textbook with a focus on scale or open-ended questions. There is no need to ask demographic questions such as race, sex, name, etc. Make 25 copies of the survey and give it to the class on or before_______________.

o The report: You will then put the survey results into a 3-4 page paper that addresses the following questions:

  1. Review each question that you asked and why you asked it.
  2. Overview the results obtained for each question.
  3. Describe how the information obtained in the survey can help you prepare for the presentation. Be specific.
  4.  Looking back, list any changes or additional questions that you would have liked to include in the survey.

Due dates: ____________ for the survey, and ____________ for the paper.

The Presentation and Bibliography
Requirements: The presentation will fulfill the requirements for the individual part of the assignment and be worth 60 points. The presentation will be graded according to guidelines given in class for previous speaking assignments.

o The bibliography: You will research the concept of “facework” by Erving Goffman. You will prepare a bibliography of your research with 5 sources in addition to the assigned reading provided on the course web site. The bibliography must be turned in at the time of your presentation.

o The presentation: On ____________ you will do a 6-7 minute presentation to the class to define “facework.” The goal is to teach the class the basic information about “facework” and to provide them with examples. The presentation must focus on three dimensions of the topic, which will serve as the three main points The five sources must be cited in the speech. One visual aid is required if you use a brief videoclip of a facework interaction. If you are unable to find a videoclip, then two visual aids must be used. You are permitted 5 notecards.

Due date: Bibliography and presentation are both due on ____________.


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