Examples for male/female communication differences

These are four brief sample conversations that I wrote based on student suggestions about the differences in how men and women communicate. I would use these examples on tests with a question like “Based on what we have learned about how men and women communicate, identify five differences in communication style that are contributing to a misunderstanding.” Find the in-class activity that I used to generate these conversations here: https://teachingpublicspeaking.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/in-class-activity-for-interpersonal-comm-gender-differences-2-2/

1. “What do you want for dinner?”

A couple are on a drive and the following conversation takes place:

Female:             “Do you want to get something to eat?”

Male:             “Sure. What kind of food do you want?”

Female:            “I don’t care.”

Male:             (pulls into a KFC)

Female:             (sighs loudly)

Male:            “What’s wrong?”

Female:             “Nothing, it’s just that I thought you knew that I don’t like chicken.”

Male:             “We can go somewhere else.”

Female:             “No this is OK, I’ll just have a Pepsi.”

Male:             “We can go get a pizza instead.”

Female:             “This is fine. I haven’t had pizza in a long time though.”

Male:             (Starts to leave parking lot)

Female:             “What are you doing?”

Male:             “Going to get pizza like you said.”

Female:      “I didn’t say to get pizza. I said we can do whatever you want and you want fried chicken so this is fine.”

Male:     “If changing your mind was an Olympic sport you would have a gold medal.” (laughs)

Female:     “What? Why are you being a jerk?”

Male:             (stops car) “Just make up your mind.”

Female:             “Stop yelling at me!”


2. “Someone needs to go to the store”

A couple are at home on a quiet Sunday afternoon and the following conversation takes place:

Girl:     Hey, it looks like we might be out of milk and cereal.

Guy:   (playing videogame) OK.

Girl:     So I guess someone needs to go to the store.

Guy:     OK. See ya.

Girl:     (Walks over and sits down)

Guy:     (Finishes game) Do you wanna play?

Girl.     No. I have to go to the store, remember?

Guy:     (Starts new game)

Girl:     Unless you want to come with me. You might think of something else we need and help me carry the stuff.

Guy:     If you can’t carry milk and cereal then you should be working out more (laughs).

Girl:     What?!

Guy:     (Pauses game). Are you telling me to come with you?

Girl:     I didn’t say that. I wouldn’t want to take you from doing something so important.

Guy:     Fine, I’ll put the game away. What’s wrong?

Girl:     Nothing.


3. “I can’t talk to you when you’re like this”

A dating couple who attend different colleges have the following conversation over the phone:

Girl: Did you hear that Wendy and Travis broke up?

Guy: No.

Girl: Do you know which Travis I mean?

Guy: The guy who drives that Camaro or the one on the basketball…

Girl: Yeah, that one.

Guy: Which one? You interrupted me.

Girl: Don’t get mad. The one I went to high school with. So anyway, they broke up because she found out that he cheated on her.

Guy: Yeah?

Girl: Well isn’t that terrible? That would be the worst ever way to break up, wouldn’t it?

Guy: (Pause) I guess so.

Girl: You guess so? So you think it’s OK what he did? I can’t believe you’re totally taking his side!

Guy: I’m not taking anyone’s side. I don’t even know them.

Girl: Wendy’s been crying for three days and missed a major chemistry test because of this.

Guy: OK.

Girl: It’s not OK! I can’t even talk to you when you’re like this. I’ll call you later. Bye.


4. “You never told me that”

Long-time male and female friends have a conversation before class.

Guy: Hey, Judi and I are going to see that movie tonight. Wanna come?

Girl: No.

Guy: But you said you really wanted to see it. Are you doing something else instead?

Girl: No.

Guy: Then why don’t you want to come?

Girl: You know why.

Guy: No, I don’t.

Girl: I’ve told you before that I don’t like Judi, haven’t I?

Guy: You never told me that.

Girl: I told you a lot of times. Every time you wanted to invite Judi when we were going somewhere, I said no.

Guy: But you never said it was because you didn’t like her.

Girl: Because it was obvious. Remember that time that she said she would get me a card for the place where she got her hair done?

Guy: No.

Girl: Well, she was saying my hair sucked and hers was better and that’s why I needed to go to her place instead.

Guy: Are you sure that’s what she meant? Maybe she just thought you would like to try a new place.

Girl: Are you kidding me? Of course that’s what she meant. She’s really mean and I don’t understand why you date her.


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