Informative speech assignment for younger students

This was the informative speech assignment for middle school students, ages 10-14:

  • Topic: “A fun place to visit close to our town.” You can decide how to define “close” – I set it within two hours to include two different tourist areas. The students should be specific and not try to cover an entire town or broad area due to the short time limit.
  • Length: 4 minutes1 minute on each of three main points, plus 1 minute to cover the introduction, transitions, and conclusion.
  • Structure: Students were allowed to select either a space or category pattern. Each main point was to focus on either breaking the fun place up into three key locations (space) or three key features or reasons to visit (category). The speech topic lends itself primarily to talking about facts like location, cost to enter, features, hours, etc. and students should do that. But students should also be encouraged to include testimony, specific examples, and personal observations (like favorite thing they did there or best food they ate there) as well.
  • Outside sources: At least one required. It could be the location’s web site, a brochure, or an interview with an adult who had been there.
  • Visual aids: Optional.

This assignment worked well — students covered amusement parks, outdoor hiking areas and an annual convention. Visual aids could be made mandatory if you get a chance to cover them before the assignment. If you wish to add additional source requirements, the speech would probably have to be made longer.


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