Web resource about Winston Churchill’s speeches

Photo courtesy The Art of Manliness

Photo courtesy The Art of Manliness

If you want to bring in some historical speeches to show to students, Winston Churchill would be an excellent choice…inspiring, powerfully worded, and often witty, Churchill’s speeches stand up to the test of time.

The web site The Art of Manliness has provided an eight-part analysis of what made Churchill’s speeches so compelling.

This could be developed into an activity by showing clips of some speeches (the article lists several specific speeches) and then asking students what makes them work.  Any part of the article’s list that did not come in during the discussion could then be brought in as a wrap-up.

(I would note, though, that writing out a speech is important when you’re a leader whose speech will be reported and re-read through history and exact wording is important, but writing a speech out is not recommended for more casual settings, especially as most of us lack the acting talent to make it look natural in front of a small audience. It is unlikely his brilliant double glasses trick would work with 15 people in a modern training seminar, for example.)

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