Video for supporting materials


Video for supporting materials

I Love Lucy: Season 5, episode 9

Early in this episode, Lucy and Ricky have a debate about whether their 3-year-old son should attend preschool. To support her position, Lucy quotes child-rearing expert Dr. Benjamin Spock. However, Ricky suspects she is not quoting accurately and catches her. This brings up several follow up questions:

  • Stop the clip right after the quote: Who has won the debate to this point?
  • What type of supporting material did Lucy bring in to support her point?
  • Finish the clip: NOW who has won? Why?
  • What was Lucy’s error? What problems might a speaker create by committing this type of error?

This leads nicely into why your supporting materials should be put to a test before you bring them into your speech.

Hulu currently (summer 2015) has the episode available for free. If hulu removes it, then it may be available…

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