Teresa Palmitessa portraitSince public speaking is so often a required course, I am committed to making it interesting. I use a lot of videoclips from TV and movies and work in numerous contemporary examples. I spent years searching textbooks, instructor’s manuals, and popular literature to find activities and examples that would be instructive and interesting. My ratemyprofessor.com comments have been positive for the last several years.

I have spent 15 years teaching public speaking and introduction to communication classes both full-time and part-time on the college level. I have worked with many of the textbooks and with a variety of types of supervisors. The last class I taught over a five-year period was an introduction to communication course with a focus on public speaking that also contained units on interpersonal communication and group dynamics.

In addition to the blog, I have been uploading information at teacherspayteachers.com. I use this site to post more detailed information like complete lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations. There is a small fee for items there, but it represents the work put into translating lesson plans from personal shorthand to something anyone can use. If there are any topics for which you would like to see my lesson plans or PowerPoint presentations, please let me know.

I am taking the 2012-2013 school year off of teaching to complete a writing project.

I welcome your comments.



4 responses to “About”

  1. megan says :

    Hi! I recently stared teaching public speaking and this spring will be my second semester. I have to say your site is a life-saver. I am incorporating a ton of your suggestions and activities and I think it will help my teaching a lot! I have a quick question, you mentioned on one of your posts about a .doc format of the informative and group presentation forms is available. I wasn’t sure if it is on teacherspayteachers, but I thought I’d ask. It sounds like it would save a lot of time grading speeches.

    Thank you again for taking the time to put everything up here! It is so helpful!


    • teachingpublicspeaking says :

      Megan, I’m so glad you found the site helpful. The web site has been a great way to spend my year off of teaching — I was always looking for a site like this.

      About the grading forms. The sales form and the informative form are up at TeachersPayTeachers for $1. I did not upload the group forms because I did not know if there would be interest in them. If you send me an email at teachingpublicspeaking@aol.com, I will mail the group forms to you, no charge.

      Have a great semester.


  2. Melissa Moreno says :

    I just wanted to tell you how much I like all of your post. I am a GTA teaching at CSUSB. At our University they allow us teach our own class public speaking. I stumbled across your blog looking for activities, and have really enjoyed most of your post. I believe my teaching style is similar to yours, and I wanted to thank you for putting your resources out here for us. =)

  3. Jenny says :

    Just came across your site. Loving it! Thank you for sharing. I have been teaching for over 17 years now but am always looking for new, creative ideas. I am heading over to Teachers Pay Teachers now. Thank you.
    @Melissa Moreno: I am also a graduate of CSULB (96) and was in the TA program. Best of luck to you.

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